The biggest Argentine Tango's event in Asia! THE TANGO DANCE ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP

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Regulation of the Tango Dance Asian Championship

It might be changed before the Championship,so please pay attention.

1- The Buenos Aires City’s Office of Festivals and Central Events of the Ministry of Culture will be the highest authority in the competition, with regard to the compliance of all the terms and conditions stated in these Rules. However, in The Tango Dance Asian Championship, LATINA Co. Ltd. is the only one responsible for carrying out the event, in accordance with the letter agreement signed in due course and in each particular case with the Office of Festivals and Central Events. The Asian Championship 2019 is organized by Buenos Aires City Government of Culture Secretary, Latina.Co.Ltd., and the Executive Committee of The Asian Championship organized by Latina.Co.Ltd., and it is operated by Latina.Co.Ltd. and the Executive Committee.

2- The Tango Dance Asian Championship 2019 will be held in the City of Tokyo, SAKURA HALL, Shibuya Cultural Center Owada on 15th and 16th of June, 2019 as a preliminary of The Tango Dance World Championship in Buenos Aires City.

3- This competition will consist of three categories: Tango de Pista Adulto / Tango de Pista Señor / Stage Tango. All categories are unrestricted entry for amateur and professional dancers.

4- In Pista Category, if one of the couple is over 50 years old, then the couple can participate in Pista Señor Category. Only the qualifying rounds of Pista Category will be divided by the category of Señor and Adulto. From the Semifinal rounds, all the participants of Tango de Pista Category will compete in the round.

5. The winning pairs and second place winners of each Stage and Pista category of the Western Japan Tango Dance Championship Qualification, shall have the right to participate from the semi-final of the relevant category in the Tango Dance Asian Championship 2019. However, this rule is valid only when there are 10 or more pairs of players in the West Japan tournament.

1- The registration fee for each couple for each category is 13,000 yen.

2- All those interested in participating in the Tango Dance Asian Championship shall fill in the online entry forms and transfer the charge. The committee will confirm the payment and send a confirmation. The deadline for registration and payment is on 3rd of June, 2019. To inquire the application form or any question, contact the address listed below;

Latina co. Ltd.
1-3-7-5F Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
P.C. 150-0022
tel. (+81-3)5768-5588 / fax.(+81-3)5768-5599

3- Participants must be over 18 years of age by the Championship starting date.

4- No contestants may enter twice or more times in the same Championship category. However participants may enter the two categories, regardless of whether they do so with the same partner.

5- The participant who does not have Asian and Oceania Nationality must demonstrate conclusively a minimum of three years of residence in any countries of the Asia or Oceania. In case of participants from Argentine, he / she must have his or her partner who is from Asia or Oceania. The all participants from non-Asian or non—Oceanian country have to submit the proof of residence in Asia or Oceania.

6- The next national people can participate in Asian Championship 2019 :
Afghanistan / Saudi Arabia / Bahrain / Bangladesh / Myanmar / Bhutan / Brunei / Cambodia / China / North Korea / Korea / United Arab Emirates / Philippines / Indonesia / India / Iran / Iraq / Israel / Japan / Jordan / Kyrgyzstan / Kuwait / Laos / Lebanon / Malaysia / Maldives / Mongolia / Nepal / Oman / Pakistan / Qatar / Singapore / Syria / Sri Lanka / Thailand / Tajikistan / East Timor / Turkmenistan / Uzbekistan / Vietnam / Yemen
Australia / Fiji / Marshall Islands / Solomon / Kiribati / Micronesia / Nauru / New Zealand / Papua New Guinea / Samoa / Tonga / Tuvalu / Vanuatu

7- The following individuals will not be allowed to compete: staff of the Buenos Aires’s City Office of Festivals and Central Events; staff of organizers of Tango Dance Asian Championship and jury members of Tango Buenos Aires Dance World Cup and Tango Dance Asian Championship; sponsors and/or staff of companies that sponsor the Tango Dance Asian Championship, or another person with a permanent or temporary relationship with the Office of Tango Dance Asian Championship.

8- All the information provided by entrants during the clearance will be considered a sworn statement. Participants will sign a certificate in duplicate. Any contradiction subsequent to the signature will be penalized by subtraction of points, disqualification or any other measure the Committee may deem appropriate.

9- All the participants have to inform if they have had a work, professional or personal relationship with any of the members of the jury from the competition, in the last 180 days prior to the Championship.


10- For the default after the application has been submitted, it will be admitted if participants has an appropriate reason. However the entry fee is non-refundable.


11- Every measure taken by the Committee concerning penalties and/or modifications will be duly publicized within the competition scope. For that purpose an official bulletin board suitably located will be available to participants and the Jury, who shall consult it before each round so as to remain consistently informed. This will constitute the regular and official communication means of any modification the Management may consider appropriate. Each individual’s entry corroborates his/her acceptance of this provision. The official bulletin board will be located below:

1- All of the categories of the competition will consist of three stages:
a) The Preliminary Round
b) The Semifinals
c) The Finals

a) Preliminary Round: for all couples that have entered. Couples will dance once (Tango de Pista: 3 pieces of music  Stage Tango: 1 piece of music).
b) Semifinals: for the couples selected during the Championship preliminary rounds, couples will dance once. (Tango de Pista: three pieces of music x 1 round / Stage Tango: 1 piece of music x 1 round).
c) Finals: for the couples selected in the Semifinals, couples will dance once. (Tango de Pista: three pieces of music x 1 round / Stage Tango: 1 piece of music x 1 round). The frequency of dance will be changed according to the numbers of entries.

2- In the Tango de Pista Category, couples will compete in group performances, dancing three pieces -either recorded or performed by a live orchestra- previously selected by the Committee.

3- In the Stage Tango Category, each couple must submit music data, CD or CD-R of a piece of music. If the participants submit CD or CD-R, they must submit 2 discs which has the same music data. The music has to be Tango (no Theme of Milonga or Valz). Each one of couples will perform on the stage at a time. Length of a piece must be less than 4 min. Music data, CD or CD-R must be submitted by JUNE 7th, 2019.

1- The member of the Jury for the Tango Dance Asian Championship will be the ones from Argentine excluding Argentines who live in Asia and the ones from Asia.

2- The Jury may eliminate the participants below.
a) Participants who don’t follow the regulation.
b) Participants who distract, trouble or disturb the Asian Championship.

3- All of the decisions made by the Jury are irreversible and of only one instance. Each individual’s entry corroborates his/her acceptance of this provision.

4- In case of distrust or disagreement, participants may present a written statement (in Japanese, English or Spanish) to the Asian Championship Committee and not directly to the Jury.

5- The Asian Championship Committee will duly see to any inconvenience not contemplated by the present rules. The Management will also provide all the clarifying or interpretative norms, when deemed necessary. In case of a draw or if the Jury determines so, contestants shall dance the number of pieces the judges deem necessary to achieve a final ruling. Participants may not refuse to perform in such instance. In addition, in case of a draw or if the Jury determines so, the Director of Jury will decide procedure and make final decision.

6- The ranking of the final result is based on the sum of scores given to the judges according to the examination criteria described in the next chapter. In the qualifying and semi-finals, the highest and lowest points each pair got at each stage are excluded, and in the case of draw the final ranking is decided by the chairperson.

7- The Jury shall select one winner or champion in each category. The Jury will also grant prizes and honorary mentions to the second place and third place and will be entitled to award additional honorary mentions if deemed appropriate, provided the Committee is previously informed.

8- All members of jury will make judgment according to all the rules that regulated by the committee. The Jury’s ruling is open to appeal.

9- The final rounds of both category are judged by five judges, including four judges from Argentine and one representative from Asia (including Japan).In case there is a person who can not judge because of the “180 days rule”, a supplementary Jury shall substitute for it. The supplementary jury will be selected from among those decided by the Executive Committee in advance.

10- If the judge have had a work, professional or personal relationship with any of the participants in the last 180 days prior to the Championship, the judge can not score for the participants, but they can score to the others.

a) Tango de Pista Adulto & Señor (Open Entry)
1- About Position of Tango Dance
1-1 Once a dancing couple is formed, the partners shall not separate as long as the music is playing. This means that they cannot break the embrace, which is considered the tango dance position.
1-2 For the position to be considered correct, partners must constantly hold each other by means of the embrace. Even though during certain figures it may be acceptable to disregard this criterion, this should not continue throughout the entire piece.
1-3 All movements shall be performed within the space allowed by the couple’s embrace.

2- The Jury will give special relevance to the couple’s musicality, elegance and walking style.

3- Within these guidelines, participants may perform any figure commonly used, including barridas, sacadas al piso, enrosques, etc.

4- Leaps, trepadas (climbs) and any other typically stage tango possibility shall be completely excluded.

5- Couples, as in a real dance hall, shall constantly move counterclockwise and avoid remaining in the same place for over two musical measures.

6- All the entrants in this category are not allowed to raise their toe above their knee.

b) Stage Tango for couples (Open Entry)
1- Participants will be able to express their personal view on the tango dance: they may resort to movements, figures and applications that are not usually related to traditional tango.

2- Couples may break the embrace and use additional techniques derived from other dance disciplines, as long as these are justified and performed for the benefit of a particular rendition.

3- The Jury will take into account the following criteria: -Choreographic composition (creation or recreation) -Preservation of the tango essence -Use of the stage space -Choreographic and postural techniques -Body and space alignment -Couple’s synchronization -Choreographic effects -Interpretation -Musical accuracy (relaxation, music-dancer-style) -Costumes and make-up

1- There shall be a winner or champion in each category of the Tango Dance Asian Championship. (In Tango de Pista, the both Señor & Adulto will be on the same round in Semifinal and Final, they stand for Tango de Pista Category)

2- The first place of category of Tango de Pista will receive the right to participate in the finals for the Tango Dance World Championship, a round trip air tickets between Tokyo-Buenos Aires and the hotel charges in Buenos Aires during the participation of the World Championship.


3- The first place of category of Stage Tango will receive the right to participate in the semifinals for the Tango Dance World Championship, a round trip air tickets between Tokyo and Buenos Aires and the hotel charges in Buenos Aires during the participation of the World Championship.

4- n addition, second places in each one of the two categories will receive the hotel charges in Buenos Aires during the World Championship in case they participate.

5- The Asian Championship winner or the associate winner can not withdraw from the seeding right and take part from the World Championship qualifiers. However, only the winners of the Pista category of the Asian Championships are allowed to participate from the semifinals, in which case the semifinals will not be scored.

1- The Asian Championship is organized by Buenos Aires City Government of Culture Secretary, the Executive Committee of The Asian Championship and Latina co. Ltd.

2- The Asian Championship is under the auspice of Federacion Japonesa Tango Argentina, Argentine Tango Promotion Association, La Academia Del Tango De Japon.

3- The Committee disclaims responsibility for any delays or unforeseen contingencies that may arise, regardless of cause, at the moment contestants are due to perform in the different rounds.

4- The Committee reserves the right to capture or record on film, be that totally or partially, Championship performances throughout all the stages, for promotion or sales ends, without having to make any payment to any person or organization for such resolve. This provision also accounts for any photographic material published and/or utilized for promotion, advertisement, or any other purpose the Management may decide on.

5- All participants shall commit to participate in the various events planned by the Management provided that they are summoned to that purpose. These events may include press conferences, radio interviews, air or cable television interviews, official milonga etc.

6- The Committee will be the only body to stipulate the order in which contestants shall perform, the procedure and the number of rounds in which each couple will participate.

7- All couples will be informed on the approximate day and time of their performance in the first Qualyfying round of their category after the closing date for entries.

8- If participants have the same time of the performance in different category, it will be settled by the agreement between the management and the participants. Delays may be consented only in case of circumstances beyond entrants’ control, duly justified and producing some type of proof, except for circumstances that constitute public knowledge.

9- To The Committee can be accessed through Latina co.Ltd, 1-3-7-5F ebisu-minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo P.C150-0022, tel.(03)5768-5588, fax.(03)5768-5599, website as the Championship official means of communication, without excluding any other form of promotion.