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Mundial de Baile

Tango de Pista Adulto & Señor

Last year, we divide the Qualifying Rounds of the Tango de Pista into 2 categories. The difference between Tango de Pista Adulto and Señor is as below.

The purpose of dividing 2 categories

We divide the Tango de Pista into 2 categories to make the judgment more fairly. Argentine Tango Dance is not only young gorgeous style, but also elegant style with the age. But for the member of the jury, it is difficult to make judgement when those 2 styles are on stage same time. So we will divide into the Tango de Pista Adulto and Señor.

How the categories are divided?

Tango de Pista Adulto is same as before, open entry for everyone. On the other hand, Tango de Pista Señor has a restriction. The leader or follower must be over 50 years old on the day of the competition. All the participants for the Tango de Pista Señor must show the document with date of the birth such as Passport or Drivers License. It is also up to the Señor Participants, if they prefer to participate in Adulto, they may compete in Tango de Pista Adulto. The number of the Semifinalists are evenly divided by the number of the participants in each categories.
For example, if the total participants number of the Tango de Pista is 80, then 40 will go up to the Semifinal.
If 10 out of 80 are participating in Señor, 5 (40 x 10 /80) will go up to the Semifinal.
If 17 out of 80 are participating in Señor, 8 pairs go up and one of 9th of Señor and 32nd of Adulto which got better score in the Qualifying Round will go up the semifinal.

This is how the number of the semifinalists are divided. The Semifinal Rounds will be mixed with Adulto and Señor.

There is a possibility that the Semifinal Rounds also divided.

If Tango de Pista Señor has more than 20 pairs, which means the Señor has more than 10 pairs in Semifinal, then we are going to divide Semifinal Rounds into 2 categories, same as qualifying rounds. The number goes up to the final will be calculated same as the semifinalists.
We'll announce it after we close the registration of the participants.

If you have any questions, contact us anytime.