The biggest Argentine Tango's event in Asia! THE TANGO DANCE ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP

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We have new champions of Asia!

All the programs of the Tango Dance Asian Championship are now finished. You can check the results here.

About the Tango de Pista Adulto & Señor

Here, you can check the information on Tango de Pista Adulto & Señor, such as what the difference and how the semifinalists number will be divided with detail example. Please take a look here.

The Tango Dance Asian Championship

The 14th edition of the Tango Dance Asian Championship. This is one of the preliminaries in the world for the Tango Dance World Championship in Aug, 2017. The participants of the Asian Championship are always in final of the World Championship, and also have won it and been champion, which makes the Asian Championship one of the best tango dancer's competition in the world. Last edition in 2016, we had around 200 participants, coming from more than 16 countries from Asia. This time, we are going to have more! You've got to see how it's going to be! Come and join us!


The Semifinal & Final Rounds are now finished. NEW
The Preliminary Rounds are now finished.
The resistration is now closed. Thank you very much for many entries.
The provisional Program is now announced on the Program page.
The closing date for the registration is now postponed for 3 days.
The observation tickets is now on sale from May 1st!
Now official site of the Tango Dance Asian Championship has opened!

Mundial de Baile


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