The biggest Argentine Tango's event in Asia! THE TANGO DANCE ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP

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Mundial de Baile

The 1st Tango Dance World Championship in Asia

By the call of the city of Buenos Aires, the 1st Tango Dance World Championship in Asia was held in Japan. The organizations of Tango community in Japan, such as NPO and NAPTA, worked together to popularize Tango in Japan. In both Stage and Salon Tango Category, many professional tango dancers joined in the championship to decide who is the best. We had many participants from Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, also gallery from all over Japan.

■DATE:July 3rd, 4th, 2004

■THEATER:New Pier Hall Takeshiba Tokyo(500 people)


Salon Tango 36 pairs
Stage tango 17 pairs (include 1 pair from Korea)

■Champion of Stage Tango:Megumi Abe & Yoichi Araki●Winning Theme "Gallo Ciego"

2nd :Javier & Hwayi

3rd :Mikage & Arisa

■Champion of Salon Tango : Mikage & Arisa

2nd:Junko Ogata & Atsuo Moriyama

3rd :So & Kasumi


Sergio Cortazzo, Omar Victor Verazquez,Taihei Kobayashi, Kozo Miura, Jose Maria Luna

■Jury of Honar:

Ammbassador of Argentine to Japan Daniel D. Polski

■Live Music:

Koji Kyotani Quarteto Tango、Momoko Aida Quarteto★400、Orquesta Tango Waseda

【TV Program】

■News Program in TBS 7/3,4/2004

■NHK News 7/3/2004

■TV Asahi "Ashita Manana 7/2/2004

【Pre Event】

■The 1st Tango Dance World Championship in Asia , Gran Mionga

Tokyo 4/ 4/2004 Roppongi Arts City

Nagoya 4/11/2004 Nagoya Marberry Hotel "La Mule"

The 1st Tango World champion, Gisela & Gaspar, Buenos Aires City International Producer Enrique Marmontti came to the Gran Milonga 2004. There was a demonstration of Gisela & Gaspar and danced the winning theme "Tanguera". More than 200 people in Tokyo and 130 peple in Nagoya came to the Milonga.

■Work Shop by the Champion(By Gisela & Gaspar)

Tokyo  4/2 - 8/2004

Meguro Mental Clinic

Nagoya 4/10 - 12/2004

The work shop by the champions. Recomended by the Japanese Professional Dancers. They taught the real Tango styke in Buenos Aires right now.